My Work

Cortland Men’s Hockey Scrimmage Recap

This is an article I wrote, with the help of a friend, for, a site where the content is mostly created by SUNY Cortland students. I wrote this article in October 2018. It’s a recap of the SUNY Cortland Men’s Ice Hockey team’s last scrimmage before their season started and also a look into their upcoming season. This article shows my ability to write professionally and my ability to use WordPress and incorporate pictures and other types of media into my writing effectively.

NFL Playoff Predictions Podcast

This is a podcast I produced with the help of a friend. We go over our thoughts about who is going to win each NFL division and which teams will make the playoffs from winning their divisions and making it as a wildcard. This podcast shows my ability to edit audio with the program Audacity.

A Day In The Life Of A Cortland Sport Management Major Video

This is a short video that I made with one of my classmates. The video is about a typical day as a SUNY Cortland sport management major. I recorded this video using my iPhone and then edited the footage using Adobe Premiere. This video shows my ability to use Adobe Premiere to edit and make videos.

Gonzo Journalism Paper

This paper is my example of a Gonzo Journalism story. I wrote this paper during the fall semester of my junior year of college for a class called “Social Media Operations in Sport.” It’s about my experience traveling from the Cortland to Binghamton via Greyhound bus service.

First Semester Reflection Paper

This is paper is a reflection of my thoughts and activities I went to during my first semester at SUNY Cortland. I wrote it for a class called COR101, which is pretty much a freshman seminar class.

American Indian Policies & Practices of the Early 1800s

This is a paper that I wrote my freshman year at SUNY Cortland for a “United States History to 1877” class. It’s about the policies and practices for American Indians in the United States during the 1800s and how these practices and policies affected the relationship between the United States and the American Indians.

A Cappella Concert

This is a paper I wrote for a “Music in Western Society” class. It is a report paper on an a cappella concert I attended my sophomore year at SUNY Cortland.

Event Analysis

I wrote this paper during my sophomore year at SUNY Cortland for my event practicum class. In this class, I had to work on-campus sporting events and log the hours I worked, to receive a passing grade. This paper is an analysis of the events I worked and what I learned from these experiences.


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